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It has not been a good couple of days.

Guess what? It has, in fact, not been a good couple of days.

Here's why:

Work has been hell for the last 2 days, yesterday because it was raining and somebody quit so I had to make up for 2 and a half hours of nobody working, and today because the guy before me didn't even show up, with similar results.

Lora made a comment to her parents that got her in DEEP shit, so she was told she can no longer use internet, and that they will not bring her down to the border for me to pick her up. This basically means I cannot see her unless I can go up there, which would require an entire weekend off, which is NOT going to happen for a while, so we're kind of fucked.

Tonight (as some of you probably know) I got into an argument with a friend. Harsh words were said, and I know for my part I regret some of it, and I hope she understands why I was so upset (NOT about me) and regrets as well. I'd rather not have this happen. God knows it's happened before, but I don't think it's ever been quite this bad. It only seems to happen over AIM. Ah, the miscommunication. It needs to somehow be resolved, even if it is the end.


On the lighter side:

I have tomorrow off of work. That will be enjoyable. I get paid roughly 1 week from now, so that should be fun.

I'm getting into better shape and feeling better about myself so that is also a plus. One benefit of this job is that it requires me to exert myself enough to work up a good sweat. It's healthy.

Lora and mine's year and a half anniversary is this sunday. Unfortunately, because of aforementioned trouble, we won't see each other, but I hope she knows I love her more than I ever have. If we've made it this far, Lora, then we will make it just fine.

So there are a few issues in my life that need resolving. I'll get around to it.
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