. Heather . (promise_07) wrote in fhillsrox,
. Heather .

hey guysss

Post a comment with the following--
Name: Heather Anderson
Age: 15
School: Farmington High School
Grade: 10
Hobbies: hanging out, movies, stuff like that
Location: 10 mile and Orchard Lake
Favourite places in FHills to hang out: haha.. umm my boyfriends house.
Any other comments? IM me on Eve6RoCkZz and my journal is promise_07
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Hey Heather!

How are you?
im good how are you?
Niiiice I'm on ten and middlebelt ^_^ That's awesome.

Haha, your boyfriends house. That's an awesome answer.

Nice to meet you, Heather!
you live like a mile away from mercy then!
Yep. Well, a mile and a walk ^_^