Lauren!! (soadfreak313) wrote in fhillsrox,

Name: Lauren M
Age: 15
 School: WLW Grade: 9
Hobbies: singing, watching movies, taking walks.. listening to music..
Location: ehh i'd rather not give you that quite yet.
Favorite places in FHills to hang out: Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum =). United Artist is cool too i guess.. movies, jaa.
Any other comments? uhh i joined this because i saw someone promote it as a comment on Rena's (renazz2tallyemo) livejournal. whoohoo.

and another thing-- since our little place is pretty boring, i'm on Mayor's Youth Council for this city and anything you guys want to ACTUALLY HAVE here for people to do, i can suggest it at the next meeting. thank a yeww. next meeting's this wednesday.

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